A Long Scroll of World History

6-Meter-Long Scroll
A Condensed History Museum
Since its publication in 1871, the work of Sebastian C. Adams, an American educator and descendant of President John Adams, has been widely included in schools and public libraries in Europe and the United States, and is considered “unique and un- matched” and “a miracle of science, skill, and learning.”
With accurate time coordinates, hand- drawn charts, and nearly 300 illustrations to carry text information, the source and evolution of 6,000 years of human history are intuitively mapped, so that the silent history becomes a flowing river. The vivid details allow children to “see” history and the people in history, and then understand the interweaving and separation between different civilizations.
Hardcover · 38.6 x 54.6 cm
16 pages · unfolding length 6 meters
Age 6-99
Written by Sebastian C. Adams
Illustrated by Stepbooks