Encyclopedia of WHY

( 120 titles )

A 120-volume encyclopedia covering various fields of knowledge for children around the world.

Each book presents fresh knowledge from a different field, spanning from plants to animals, from the universe to the ocean, from ancient civilizations to modern life, from science to art, involving 120 fields, offering children a comprehensive view of the Earth and humanity! This is a vividly illustrated encyclopedia, narrated from a child’s perspective, with high-definition photographs rich in detail and lifelike hand-drawn illustrations.


Paperback · 21 x28.5 cm · 32 pages/volume


Age 7-15


Nature and Environment (50 titles)
Science and Technology (30 titles)
Humanity and Society (25 titles)
Culture and Arts (15 titles)

Nature Journals

Take your child on a nature adventure right outside your doorstep.
2020 Gold Award for “My Favorite Children’s Book” Knowledgeable Books
According to the 72 phenology, this book records various creatures in nature month by month throughout the year, with colorful illustrations drawn by the author. The insects, birds, and plants that are commonly seen in daily life are vividly brought to life by the author’s pen.
With more than 300 beautiful hand-drawn illustrations of creatures and more than 80 nature notes, the nature notes mentor guides children through the seasons, from spring to summer, autumn to winter, exploring the marvelous creatures that we often overlook and discovering the incredible beauty of nature hidden around them.
Paperback · 17 x24 cm · 80 pages
Age 7-15
Written by Zhong Ren

The Plants Around Us

( 61 titles )

The wonderful encyclopedia of Plants around us takes the children on an exploration of the magical world of plants.
This series of books features 61 different plants through four distinct themes: Interesting Plants, Wild Plants, Plants in Courtyard, and Plants in Water. It provides detailed explanations and illustrations of the unique characteristics, habitats, and habits of various plants.
Paperback · 21 x27.5 cm · 488 pages in total
Age 7-12
Interesting Plants (16 titles)
Wild Plants (15 titles)
Plants in Courtyard (15 titles)
Plants in Water (15 titles)

The Striving Story of Insects

( 3 titles )

All hand-draw paingtings present the spirit of unremitting struggle of insects.
This book talks about the astonishing self-defense techniques of insects, their re- markable courtship, and the incredible history of evolution, leaving readers surprised by life’s resilience, amazed by its intelligence, and astonished by its spirit of struggle.
Illustrated by Taiwanese biological artist Mr. Liao Duchen, with 120 lifelike hand drawings depicting nearly 200 species of insects, the book opens a world rich in knowledge, philosophy, spirituality, and aesthetic beauty for children.
Hardcover · 17 x24 cm · 80 pages
Age 7-12
Written by Youzhi Chen
Illustrated by Ducheng Liao

The Striving Story of Plants

Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Deputy Director of the Beijing Botanical Garden jointly recommended this book. It possesses children’s perspectives, the warmth of poets, and the rigor of scientists, allowing children to witness the miracles of life.
Focused on the theme of the struggle of plants, this book presents, in an easy-to-understand language, the journey of plants in a seamless manner through vivid and interesting stories and exquisite drawings, revealing to children how plants strive throughout their lives.
Hardcover · 17 x 24 cm · 80 page
Age 7-12
Written by Youzhi Chen
Illustrated by Hong Duan