Classics Comics

( 296 titles )

The comic series were illustrated by the master illustrator who created the worlds of DC and Marvel superhe- roes, and it includes childhood stories of various peoples around the world.
It took 30 years to depict these comic books, which have sold one billion copies in 36 countries around the world. It’s a comic library of literary classics and masterpieces.

These stories are worldwide well-known fairy tales, such as Little Red Riding Hood, The Happy Prince, The Nightingale, etc. The illustrations are demonstrated in the typical style of American comic books. Fairy tales give children the strength and courage to face darkness, allowing warm and powerful stories to nurture the true, kind, and beautiful souls, thus gradually building a perfect moral system.

Hardcover: 28 x 38 cm

Age 3-12

Junior Fairy Tales (80 Volumes)
Classic Novels (122 Volumes)
Classic Short Stories (79 Volumes)
Non-Fiction Issues (15 Volumes)

Math Stories

( 30 titles )

Learning math by reading stories. Math could be fun and interesting!
This is a series of math stories. Every child loves stories. It’s easier to learn math by reading stories that make you laugh and laugh. The main character of the stories is the wicked witch. In the first story, children will learn to count and eventually defeat the witch by counting to 10. In the second story, children will learn addition and subtraction within 10, and eventually trap the witch in a trap. In the following stories, what will hap- pen to the wicked witch? These stories make learning math easier. Most importantly, it helps to arouse children’s curiosity about math.
Paperback · 26×21 cm · 32~50 pages
Age 3-8
Written by Liqiang Zheng
Illustrated by Yongxiang Han

Three Little Kids Story Books

( 50 titles )

Amazing stories make children fall in love with reading.

This is a set of leveled reading books. There are a total of 5 levels, with 10 story books in each level, featuring with French humor and French art style. 20 characters string together 50 interesting stories: the chubby King of wisdom, a red-haired princess, many cute little dwarfs, a crooked-nosed witch, a boy in red cloaks, a girl with a ponytail, and a baby brother who loves to cry and explore around……These characters are just like familiar friends surrounding the children helping them to read step by step.

Age 3-8

Paperback · 21×18.5 cm · 24~36 pages

Written by Liqiang Zheng, Huiping Yu
Illustrated by Shiliu Mao, Panpan Zhang