Classics Comics

( 296 titles )

The comic series were illustrated by the master illustrator who created the worlds of DC and Marvel superhe- roes, and it includes childhood stories of various peoples around the world.
It took 30 years to depict these comic books, which have sold one billion copies in 36 countries around the world. It’s a comic library of literary classics and masterpieces.

These stories are worldwide well-known fairy tales, such as Little Red Riding Hood, The Happy Prince, The Nightingale, etc. The illustrations are demonstrated in the typical style of American comic books. Fairy tales give children the strength and courage to face darkness, allowing warm and powerful stories to nurture the true, kind, and beautiful souls, thus gradually building a perfect moral system.

Hardcover: 28 x 38 cm

Age 3-12

Junior Fairy Tales (80 Volumes)
Classic Novels (122 Volumes)
Classic Short Stories (79 Volumes)
Non-Fiction Issues (15 Volumes)