A Long Scroll of World History

6-Meter-Long Scroll
A Condensed History Museum
Since its publication in 1871, the work of Sebastian C. Adams, an American educator and descendant of President John Adams, has been widely included in schools and public libraries in Europe and the United States, and is considered “unique and un- matched” and “a miracle of science, skill, and learning.”
With accurate time coordinates, hand- drawn charts, and nearly 300 illustrations to carry text information, the source and evolution of 6,000 years of human history are intuitively mapped, so that the silent history becomes a flowing river. The vivid details allow children to “see” history and the people in history, and then understand the interweaving and separation between different civilizations.
Hardcover · 38.6 x 54.6 cm
16 pages · unfolding length 6 meters
Age 6-99
Written by Sebastian C. Adams
Illustrated by Stepbooks

David’s Book of Eating

( 3 Volumes )

After reading this set of books, children can understand the how our body digest food and what food should we eat.
Do you know how many cells, tissues, and organs in your body are involved in the act of eating? They’re all your loyal fans. The number one fan is called “David”, it’s like Doraemon’s pocket, magical and spacious. David takes the children on a journey through the various digestive organs of the body, understanding the process of food digestion in the body, and recognizing the nutrients and flavors that our bodies truly need. This is a fun and relaxing biology lesson about the hu- man body, and the little teacher—David, with big eyes and a big mouth—is the round red stomach inside your body!
Paperback · 17 x24 cm · 288 pages
Age 9-12
Written by Qi Long
Illustrated by Jun Sui

My First Geography Book

Recommended by the 12th Wenjin Book Award.
Excellent Children’s Books on the 2016 China Children’s Book List.
Selection of 100 excellent publica- tions recommended to young adults across the country in 2017.
This book presents a series of geographical knowledge that is closely related to children’s lives in a fun and easy-to-understand way: from the east to west, from north to south, then to the land beneath our feet, and finally to our round earth. It offers interesting and practical geographical knowledge, exploring from nearby to faraway places, enabling children to understand routes, learn about traveling, open their eyes, and see higher and farther!
Age Paperback · 17x24cm · 180 pages
Age 7-12
Written by Liqiang Zheng
Illustrated by Hong Duan

The Engaging Big Scroll of Physics

The Engaging Big Scroll of Physics I: A Brief History of Physics
The Engaging Big Scroll of Physics II: Fantastic Physical Units
Using the timeline to learn physics makes learning easier! This is a gift for elementary school students who are preparing to learn physics and junior high school students who are currently learning physics. It connects the knowledge points in physics textbooks ac- cording to the context of the characters, discovering the stories behind the physicists and the brilliance of human nature. By linking the warm characters with cold knowledge, it enables knowledge to be interconnected, making learning easier.
Units are the way we measure the world. This book is divided into 12 themes with graphic drawings and vivid text, showing readers the quantities of various abstract units and how these units are determined. Seeing the big from the small, using small units to elicit the knowledge of a certain field of physics, and combining it with people’s actual lives, so that abstract units can also bring concrete feelings, and help
children cultivate and establish physical science thinking.
Hardcover · 24 x 34 cm
48 pages ·unfolding length 5 meters
Age 6-99
Written by Chenxi Zhang, Zhiyan Cai
Illustrated by Stepbooks

The Philosophy Cat

An incredible Philosophical Adventure

In Philip’s home, there was a talking cat!
Whenever Philip encountered a problem and fell into a time loop, the cat named Sophie would take him into the philosophical hut, travel through time and space, talk with fa_x0002_mous philosophers in history, and guide Phil_x0002_ip to continue to solve doubts and light nine lamps of wisdom. This is a fantasy novel full of incredible imagination, and it is also a phil_x0002_osophical enlightenment book for children.Follow Philip and the fat cat Sophie on 9 in_x0002_credible philosophical journeys to light up thewisdom in your heart.

Paperback · 14×21 cm · 352 pages

Age 9 – 15

Written by Zhiqin Cai
Illustrated by Shiliu Mao

The Striving Story of Plants

Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Deputy Director of the Beijing Botanical Garden jointly recommended this book. It possesses children’s perspectives, the warmth of poets, and the rigor of scientists, allowing children to witness the miracles of life.
Focused on the theme of the struggle of plants, this book presents, in an easy-to-understand language, the journey of plants in a seamless manner through vivid and interesting stories and exquisite drawings, revealing to children how plants strive throughout their lives.
Hardcover · 17 x 24 cm · 80 page
Age 7-12
Written by Youzhi Chen
Illustrated by Hong Duan

The Teeth Warriors’ Family

After reading this book, children can understand the importance of teeth and learn to take care of their teeth. Build a strong foundation for your future health.
“Little Six”, a chubby big white tooth, becomes a tour guide, leading the children to meet a group of white and sturdy warriors in their own mouths – yes, it’s the teeth! They wear white armor all day long, lined up neatly, always ready to fight. What are they fighting for? Eating, of course! This is another work by the author of “David’s Book of Eating”, which allows us to understand the stories that happen every day in the dark oral world and to understand the troubles and joys of teeth! These adorable tooth warriors need to be treated well and cherished by everyone.
Paperback · 17 x24 cm · 240 pages
Age 9-12
Written by Qi Long
Illustrated by Jun Sui

Three Little Kids Story Books

( 50 titles )

Amazing stories make children fall in love with reading.

This is a set of leveled reading books. There are a total of 5 levels, with 10 story books in each level, featuring with French humor and French art style. 20 characters string together 50 interesting stories: the chubby King of wisdom, a red-haired princess, many cute little dwarfs, a crooked-nosed witch, a boy in red cloaks, a girl with a ponytail, and a baby brother who loves to cry and explore around……These characters are just like familiar friends surrounding the children helping them to read step by step.

Age 3-8

Paperback · 21×18.5 cm · 24~36 pages

Written by Liqiang Zheng, Huiping Yu
Illustrated by Shiliu Mao, Panpan Zhang

Interesting Geography Knowledge Increases

( 8 titles )


Practical and interesting geographical knowledge, along with trick exercises, bring enlightenment to children in geography!


Incredibly practical geographical knowledge: self-positioning, map reading, uncovering the mysteries of mountainous terrain, understanding the structure and movements of the Earth, and learning to avoid volcanoes, earthquakes, and tsunamis….


Paperback · 23 x23 cm


Age 7-12


Written by Liqiang Zheng
Illustrated by Hong Duan

The Striving Story of Insects

( 3 titles )

All hand-draw paingtings present the spirit of unremitting struggle of insects.
This book talks about the astonishing self-defense techniques of insects, their re- markable courtship, and the incredible history of evolution, leaving readers surprised by life’s resilience, amazed by its intelligence, and astonished by its spirit of struggle.
Illustrated by Taiwanese biological artist Mr. Liao Duchen, with 120 lifelike hand drawings depicting nearly 200 species of insects, the book opens a world rich in knowledge, philosophy, spirituality, and aesthetic beauty for children.
Hardcover · 17 x24 cm · 80 pages
Age 7-12
Written by Youzhi Chen
Illustrated by Ducheng Liao

Adventures in The Kingdom of Music

Open your imagination and your ears
Take an adventure in the Kingdom of Music

This is a storybook about knowledge of musical instruments. A boy named Pipi hated playing the recorder and found music lessons boring. Suddenly, his recorder turned into a winged, talking recorder elf, leading him to fly to the realm of music, where he met many instrumental elves and vocal elves. During the adventure, Pipi made friends with elves and eventually fell in love with music. After the story, the book also staged a “Concert of the Elves”, showing how the elves collaborated to perform a symphony concert, with a detailed introduction of the 36 instrumental elves.

Hardcover · 21 x28.5 cm · 160 pages


Age 6 – 15


Written by Mingwei Lian
Illustrated by Shiliu Mao, Disi Xiong

Math Stories

( 30 titles )

Learning math by reading stories. Math could be fun and interesting!
This is a series of math stories. Every child loves stories. It’s easier to learn math by reading stories that make you laugh and laugh. The main character of the stories is the wicked witch. In the first story, children will learn to count and eventually defeat the witch by counting to 10. In the second story, children will learn addition and subtraction within 10, and eventually trap the witch in a trap. In the following stories, what will hap- pen to the wicked witch? These stories make learning math easier. Most importantly, it helps to arouse children’s curiosity about math.
Paperback · 26×21 cm · 32~50 pages
Age 3-8
Written by Liqiang Zheng
Illustrated by Yongxiang Han

The Plants Around Us

( 61 titles )

The wonderful encyclopedia of Plants around us takes the children on an exploration of the magical world of plants.
This series of books features 61 different plants through four distinct themes: Interesting Plants, Wild Plants, Plants in Courtyard, and Plants in Water. It provides detailed explanations and illustrations of the unique characteristics, habitats, and habits of various plants.
Paperback · 21 x27.5 cm · 488 pages in total
Age 7-12
Interesting Plants (16 titles)
Wild Plants (15 titles)
Plants in Courtyard (15 titles)
Plants in Water (15 titles)

Classics Illustrated

( 280 titles )

The comic series were illustrated by the master illustrator who created the worlds of DC and Marvel superhe- roes, and it includes childhood stories of various peoples around the world.
It took 30 years to depict these comic books, which have sold one billion copies in 36 countries around the world. It’s a comic library of literary classics and masterpieces.

These stories are worldwide well-known fairy tales, such as Little Red Riding Hood, The Happy Prince, The Nightingale, etc. The illustrations are demonstrated in the typical style of American comic books. Fairy tales give children the strength and courage to face darkness, allowing warm and powerful stories to nurture the true, kind, and beautiful souls, thus gradually building a perfect moral system.

Hardcover: 28 x 38 cm

Paperback: 21 x28.5 cm 17 x24 cm

Junior Fairytales: 32 pages, 80 titles
Classic Novels: 48 pages, 122 titles
Classic Short Stories: 32 pages, 78 titles

Age 3-12

Encyclopedia of WHY

( 120 titles )

An encyclopedia covering various fields of knowledge for children around the world.

Each book presents fresh knowledge from a different field, spanning from plants to animals, from the universe to the ocean, from ancient civilizations to modern life, from science to art, involving 120 fields, offering children a comprehensive view of the Earth and humanity! This is a vividly illustrated encyclopedia, narrated from a child’s perspective, with high-definition photographs rich in detail and lifelike hand-drawn illustrations.


Paperback · 21 x28.5 cm · 32 pages/volume


Age 7-15


Nature and Environment (50 titles)
Science and Technology (30 titles)
Humanity and Society (25 titles)
Culture and Arts (15 titles)

Sun Xiaowu Series: The Kingdom of the Human Body

Sun Xiaowu – the disciple of the Monkey King, takes you on a unique adventure through the human body!

How many bones does a person have in total? Why is the brain called the “Command Center” of the human body? What functions does the liver have? Where does the food that enters the stomach end up? How is urine produced? What secrets are hidden in the blood?… Let’s follow Sun Xiaowu to explore and find out!
An incredible journey, vivid analogies, comprehensive and detailed knowledge make it easy for children to understand how the human body works.
This book was written by Chinese clinical experts and reviewed by the teacher from Capital Medical University.

Hardcover · 21 x28.5 cm · 224 pages


Age 9 – 15


Written by Dehong Yao
Illustrated by Jun Sui, Ting Wang

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