The Engaging Big Scroll of Physics

The Engaging Big Scroll of Physics I: A Brief History of Physics
The Engaging Big Scroll of Physics II: Fantastic Physical Units
Using the timeline to learn physics makes learning easier! This is a gift for elementary school students who are preparing to learn physics and junior high school students who are currently learning physics. It connects the knowledge points in physics textbooks ac- cording to the context of the characters, discovering the stories behind the physicists and the brilliance of human nature. By linking the warm characters with cold knowledge, it enables knowledge to be interconnected, making learning easier.
Units are the way we measure the world. This book is divided into 12 themes with graphic drawings and vivid text, showing readers the quantities of various abstract units and how these units are determined. Seeing the big from the small, using small units to elicit the knowledge of a certain field of physics, and combining it with people’s actual lives, so that abstract units can also bring concrete feelings, and help
children cultivate and establish physical science thinking.
Hardcover · 24 x 34 cm
48 pages ·unfolding length 5 meters
Age 6-99
Written by Chenxi Zhang, Zhiyan Cai
Illustrated by Stepbooks