David’s Book of Eating

( 3 Volumes )

After reading this set of books, children can understand the how our body digest food and what food should we eat.
Do you know how many cells, tissues, and organs in your body are involved in the act of eating? They’re all your loyal fans. The number one fan is called “David”, it’s like Doraemon’s pocket, magical and spacious. David takes the children on a journey through the various digestive organs of the body, understanding the process of food digestion in the body, and recognizing the nutrients and flavors that our bodies truly need. This is a fun and relaxing biology lesson about the hu- man body, and the little teacher—David, with big eyes and a big mouth—is the round red stomach inside your body!
Paperback · 17 x24 cm · 288 pages
Age 9-12
Written by Qi Long
Illustrated by Jun Sui