The Teeth Warriors’ Family

After reading this book, children can understand the importance of teeth and learn to take care of their teeth. Build a strong foundation for your future health.
“Little Six”, a chubby big white tooth, becomes a tour guide, leading the children to meet a group of white and sturdy warriors in their own mouths – yes, it’s the teeth! They wear white armor all day long, lined up neatly, always ready to fight. What are they fighting for? Eating, of course! This is another work by the author of “David’s Book of Eating”, which allows us to understand the stories that happen every day in the dark oral world and to understand the troubles and joys of teeth! These adorable tooth warriors need to be treated well and cherished by everyone.
Paperback · 17 x24 cm · 240 pages
Age 9-12
Written by Qi Long
Illustrated by Jun Sui