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Adventures in The Kingdom of Music

Open your imagination and your ears!
Take an adventure in the Kingdom of Music!
This is a storybook about knowledge of musical instruments. A boy named Pipi hated playing the recorder and found music lessons boring.
Suddenly, his recorder turned into a winged, talking recorder elf, leading him to fly to the realm of music, where he met many instrumental elves and vocal elves. During the adventure, Pipi made friends with elves and eventually fell in love with music.
After the story, the book also staged a “Concert of the Elves”, showing how the elves collaborated to perform a symphony concert, with a detailed introduction of the 36 instrumental elves.
Paperback · 14×21 cm · 352 pages
Age 9 – 15
Written by Zhiqin Cai
Illustrated by Shiliu Mao