Sun Xiaowu Series: The Kingdom of the Human Body

Sun Xiaowu – the disciple of the Monkey King, takes you on a unique adventure through the human body!

How many bones does a person have in total? Why is the brain called the “Command Center” of the human body? What functions does the liver have? Where does the food that enters the stomach end up? How is urine produced? What secrets are hidden in the blood?… Let’s follow Sun Xiaowu to explore and find out!
An incredible journey, vivid analogies, comprehensive and detailed knowledge make it easy for children to understand how the human body works.
This book was written by Chinese clinical experts and reviewed by the teacher from Capital Medical University.

Hardcover · 21 x28.5 cm · 224 pages


Age 9 – 15


Written by Dehong Yao
Illustrated by Jun Sui, Ting Wang