Sun Xiaowu Series

Sun Xiaokong,the disciple of the Monkey King
Take you to the kingdom of science!

In this journey, Sun Xiaowu and his friends lead some children on adventures through the world of science! Together, they search for the key to escape from a locked room in the world of mechanics; funny things that happened in the classroom arouse their curiosity and exploration of thermodynamics; they explore the electromagnetic world with a little ball named Faraday; they enter the mysteries of optics in a world behind the mirror; they launch a biological exploration journey with teachers and classmates…

Paperback · 17 x24 cm

The Mechanics Chamber: 400 pages

The Electromagnetic World: 376 pages

The Biological Adventures: 460 pages

The Chemical Adventures: 580 pages

The Thermal Adventures: 760 pages


Age 9 – 15

The Mechanics Chamber
The Electromagnetic World
The Biological Adventures
The Chemical Adventures
The Thermal Adventures